Ran Birkins, Songwriter

I have written over 200 songs and THREE Christian Christmas musicals: "Two Thousand Years Ago," "Keep Christ In Christmas" and a children's Christmas musical, "You've Got A Friend In Bethlehem."

I write "message music" or "story songs" that reflect my strong Christian values. Many of my songs are Christian ballads, songs like "This One's Mine," "Miracle," "The Sinner Me," "Nothing To Us," "It Might As Well Have Been Me," "In God We Trust" and "One Nation Under God." Songs with pro-life or pro-life themes include "Somewhere Sarah," "Fearfully And Wonderfully Made," "Choose Life" and "The Least Of These." I'm also an "incurable romantic" and many of my songs are of the "love song" variety, including wedding and reception songs like "With This Ring," "Now We're Dancing" and "This Daddy's Little Girl."

I am a songwriter first and foremost, and my like most songwriters, I long to hear talented singers and musicians perform my songs. I am self-published and own the copyrights to all my material. I am currently seeking a publishing contract that would include my entire catalog plus my future work.

Here are a few of my songs.....plus a recording of my appearance on December 13, 2014 on Christian Radio Station WBYN 107.5 Alive FM, together with Jordan Mease (Director of Children's Ministries at New Life Bible Fellowship in Oley, PA) and cast members Ben Garland and Grace Lefko. We had appeared earlier in the week on morning host John Yoast's program, and John bought us back that Saturday to further discuss the musical being presented at New Life BFC on Friday, December 19 and Saturday December 20, 2014. Ben and Grace sang "Keep Christ In Christmas" in this broadcast.

Ran Birkins, Songwriter



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