Christian Songs by Ran Birkins

God inspires me and influences me, in more ways than there are grains of sand on the beaches of the world, or drops of water in the oceans. I would lose count after the first teaspoonful of sand, or the first glass of water, but thankfully He doesn't lose patience with me if I miss an inspiration He has sent. I'm sure it's that way with all of us; He sends waves of inspiration our way, but we're too busy or immersed in doing something "more important" to notice.

I don't think we intentionally ignore God and miss His messages, like a stubborn toddler who says "No!" to Mommy and Daddy and rebelliously refuses to pick up his toys. We're just not alert or were distracted, and the inspiration rushed by and was gone. Thankfully, every once in a while I "snap out of it" and focus on something, and open my eyes and senses and perception and imagination. God, please hear my prayer: I'm sorry for being so dense and hard to work with, and I'll try to do better in the future. Starting now.

God's Tools And Messengers

Each song on my website has its own page, and for songs in the "Christian Songs" category, and I'll write a little about "God's Tools And Messengers," the sources of my inspiration for that song. I may have been reading a specific passage of scripture in the Bible, or perhaps I heard a great sermon or message in church or on Christian radio, or read a newspaper article, or even was inspired by a church bulletin or insert.

Below are links to the individual pages for some of my Christian songs:

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