"Miracle" is a sincere and desperate prayer pleading with God to work a miracle in me, to magnify the fruits of the spirit in me, to strengthen my faith and remove any doubts or fears, to make my life a testimony of His grace. I ask for Him to give me wisdom, strength and courage and that His will in my life will always be crystal clear to me, and that I live a life that is pleasing to Him. When I ask for God's help in all these areas, I am acknowledging my weakness in all things and His power to change my life. Yes, it will be a miracle, but He can do it!

This live recording of Miracle was made in 2013 at Christian radio station WBYN-FM in Boyertown, PA, "107.5 Alive, Positively Different" when I was the guest of morning show host John Yoast.

"Miracle" is in the Christian Songs category of my songs; there are five basic categories of songs on this website: Christian Songs, Love Songs (including wedding and reception songs), Patriotic Songs, Story Songs, and my three Christian Christmas Musicals (some songs appear in multiple categories).

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