One Nation Under God

"One Nation Under God" is a bonus track on my CD "Remember Romance" - the song is a patriot's answer to those misguided people who want to remove the phrase "one nation, under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. It's a patriotic song, but it's also a Christian song in that the lyrics praise God that our founding fathers made "freedom of worship" the very first freedom in the first amendment to the Bill of Rights. And "One Nation Under God" is also a story song in that it reminisces about students standing beside their desks and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and also describes weeping mourners at funerals where an American flag is draped over the casket of soldiers that were killed in combat.

The vocalist on "One Nation Under God" is Jeannine Greenlee-Floores, the Founder and Executive Director Breath of Life Maternity Ministries, a wonderful organization that "Offers Hope Two Hearts At A Time" and encompasses all the aspects of ministry to the unwed, pregnant mother and her specific needs. Jeannine has passionately served in ministry to unwed, pregnant women since founding Sarah's House in Simi Valley, CA in 1991.

"One Nation Under God" is in the Patriotic Songs category of my songs; there are five basic categories of songs on this website: Christian Songs, Love Songs (including wedding and reception songs), Patriotic Songs, Story Songs, and my three Christian Christmas Musicals (some songs appear in multiple categories).

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