Someday - Words and Music by Ran Birkins

"Someday" is from my CD "Remember Romance" - guys, imagine you are Prince Charming, and you've just met's a taste of the lyrics: "Someday we'll make music together, someday we'll sing in harmony, someday we'll live happily ever after, we'll share love and laughter, somehow, somewhere, a royal ball you'll curtsey, and I'll bow and kiss your gloved hand, floating in a waltz, heavenly, every eye focused on our dance.....'til then I'll hold you in my dreams, our nightly rendezvous, someday I will wake to find all my someday dreams came true."

"Someday" is in the Love Songs category of my songs; there are five basic categories of songs on this website: Christian Songs, Love Songs (including wedding and reception songs), Patriotic Songs, Story Songs, and my three Christian Christmas Musicals (some songs appear in multiple categories).

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